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Branding | UX Development | Illustration | Animation

Art Direction: Abby Guido | Photography: Austen Hart

Flyte is an up & coming airline that strives to be hip, exciting, and refreshing. They changed the definition of flying by making a more personalized experience with the interactions on the monitors placed on every seat. They offer endless entertainment, exotic and fun food selections, music & podcasts, current news, and even information about great vacation spots by asking the user to login through Facebook to filter feed based on personal interests. Flyte also has an exclusive mobile app that lets you take the fun with you on your travels, so you can access things that you saved from anywhere. This project was inspired by the bright and trendy colors popping up in current design, as well as the pure hatred of flying. It contains a promotional animation, and a set of bright stationery, luggage tag, and a boarding pass that you can actually read.